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You hate boring lessons about technical stuff.  So do we!


Who is IS4? Before we get to that, lets tell you who IS4 is all about. You! Smart people who need to learn about new and perhaps complicated topics to be better at your job. Driven people whose time is precious and can’t be wasted on unwieldy lessons where instructors know what they are talking about … but don’t know how to teach. And perhaps most importantly, IS4 is all about demanding people who expect that lessons and courses use every tool and technique available to us today. And that means moving out of the 1800s and into the 21st century.

The service we offer is for you. It is for companies who want their workers to be their best. It is for individuals who want to stand out from their colleagues. In short … IS4 is for you. And that is where our name comes from.

We are not just an online training development company that relies on you or anyone else to really understand our subject matter. We are the experts! We enable our thought leaders to be fully engaged at every stage of course development. You don’t have to rely on perhaps one or two meetings with a teenage wunderkind who can shoot fantastic videos and design cool animations. We do that too! So we take the onus off you to get everything right.

This makes us different from those really useful but often too-shallow YouTube video lessons. And we go into a more tailored depth than existing online course market places.

… so what do you get?

We fully produce fantastic video lessons which includes hi-definition video of instructors and cutting edge animation. We can include tailored content that could include (for example) your products, your problems, your footage or your workplaces. In short, everything we do ‘IS4’ you!

Adam & Chris



Who are Adam and Chris? They are reliability engineers. What is a reliability engineer? Well … someone who helps anyone from a CEO through to a design engineer to understand how to essentially be better off because of reliable products, machines and systems. And this means understanding the business of engineering.

So after helping out tons of organizations, they realized that perhaps there was a better way to make life easier. Adam and Chris have been keynote speakers, teachers and mentors. Their clients knew of online training. They knew their engineers could access thousands of public courses through their laptops. There are many organizations that can deliver polished online courses. There are universities that can really delve into complicated topics.

But something was always missing. Because all these organizations had to compromise.

Most courses are put together by really smart people OR really good video producers. Not both. So we have thousands of online courses where the teacher is really smart – but isn’t able to use all the tools that are available for online courses. And then there are courses put together by

Our Thought Leaders

Our courses are built on the experience and experience of thought leaders. What is a thought leader? A thought leader is someone who everyone recognizes as one, if not THE foremost authority in a certain area that makes them the ‘go-to person.’ And by that we mean someone whose authority goes beyond question – meaning you don’t have to keep asking if what they are saying is valid. You just know. But all this is for nothing if they can’t help you. And by that, we mean add value. This could be as simple as profit. Or it could be improving the mission reliability of aircraft. In short, they know what your organization’s measure of effective or MOE is – and how they help you improve it.

“Every engineering or project manager needs to do this course”

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